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WebPage Design Pricing Rates
       Description            Content  Notes        Pricing  **
Single Page Text Only
(No Images) 
Text can be left, centered or right justified. (1) $ 95.00 /page
Single Page Text +
One Image/Background
Image must be .jpg, bmp or gif file supplied by client. (1),(2) $ 105.00 /page
Single Page Text with two Images/ Background Same as above. (1),(2) $ 130.00/page
Double Column Page
Text Only
(No Images/Background)
Both columns with centered text. (1) $ 145.00/page
Triple Columns Page
Text Only
(No Images/Background)
Text is centered in all three columns. (1) $ 165.00/page
Additional Images Per Page 
Images must be .jpg, .bmp or .gif files supplied by client. (2) $ 10.00/image
Scanning of Images Source images or graphics can be scanned for web pages, additional to web page cost. (2) $ 15.00/image 
Other Web Page Layouts Available  Custom backgrounds, banners, bullets etc.    Contact Us by E-Mail for pricing.

Hosting and Mailbox Rates
Hosting of
Web Page

2 pages+3 images

Provided by
(3) $ 24.95/month
Hosting Additional Pages 1 page + 1 image   $ 4.75/per month
HyperLinks from HyperLink to your Webpages from GO4IU .com Site   $ 5.95/per month E-Mail address at   $ 6.95/per month
6 months   $30.00


      (1) Text page(s) are 65 words. Additional text is separately priced.

      (2) Editing or cropping of images is an additional charge of $7.50 per.

      (3) 6/12 rates available. Additional charge for page updates.

            ** Prices subject to change without notice.